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Residential Pest Control


TURF TECH  Residential Pest Removal Services

Residential Outdoor Mosquito & Pest Control by TURF TECH

Pests like mosquitoes, ticks, grubs, and bagworms take the fun out of any outdoor living space. Here at Turf Tech, we have highly trained Techs certified by the Kentucky Department of agriculture to take back your yard!

Mosquitoes can suck the fun out of any evening outside. Not to mention all the health risks that they are known for. Take back your yard with Turf techs mosquito treatments. We come out once a month to fog, risk, and problem areas killing adult mosquitoes on contact. We will give you tips and tricks to help reduce breeding grounds. Our treatments will reduce the population by up to 90% instantly! We also offer special occasion treatments that we can be performed before cookouts birthday parties and other outdoor events. Another great benefit of our mosquito treatments is that it helps to eliminate pesky gnats. Below lists some of our key services involving our Mosquito Control Plan! 

Our second pest is grubs, which can destroy even the healthiest lawns! Turf Tech can design a custom plan to fight these lawn-killing pests. Grubs can also attract unwanted animals like moles. Moles will lead to even bigger problems like tunneling and tearing up lines of turf. Affected areas from moles can be costly to fix if left untreated for long periods. 

Bagworms are an evergreen’s worst nightmare! we know how to combat these little plant-eating pests. We used the best products to ensure we save your evergreens. If you aren’t sure what they look like, the most commonly observed form of this pest is the spindle-shaped silk bag, which is camouflaged with bits of foliage, bark, and other debris. They are usually 1 to 2 inches long. We must start early and often with bagworms, as they can be difficult to treat.

Tick treatments are great for pet lovers who are worried about their loved ones being exposed to these nasty little pests. Like our mosquito treatments, we fog the property once a month to ensure that ticks are kept to a minimum.


Property assessment: Our mosquito control technician will inspect the property to identify breeding sites, assess the mosquito population, and develop a treatment plan tailored to the property’s specific needs. 

Source reduction: The technician may recommend eliminating or reducing breeding sites, such as removing standing water, trimming vegetation, and addressing drainage issues. 

Larviciding: The technician may apply larvicides to standing water sources, such as ponds, ditches, and catch basins, to kill mosquito larvae before they can develop into adults. (Priced and serviced as needed)

Adulticiding: The technician will use a truck-mounted or backpack sprayer to apply an adulticide to areas with high mosquito populations. 

Misting systems: The technician will install and maintain a misting system that releases a fine mist of insecticide to control mosquitoes in a designated area. 

Barrier treatments: The technician may apply a barrier treatment to vegetation and other areas where mosquitoes are likely to rest or feed. 

 Updated: February 2023. 

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