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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

TURFTECH  Residential Landscape Maintenace Services

Here at Turf Tech we provide the means to keep your landscape looking as a freshly installed landscape design. From the tops of your trees to the mulch on the ground with landscape maintenance. Let us make sure there’s not a twig out of place!

Weed removal

Overgrown weeds are an eyesore and some can even be detrimental to your plants. Turf Tech can make it a routine stop, added on top of your lawn care package to make sure those unsightly weeds are removed properly.

Annual color

Feel like you’re missing that little something that will complete your perfect landscape, or do you like the option to change appearances and customize your yard for each season? Adding annual flowers to your landscape is the perfect way to solve both of these problems. Annuals allow for you to brighten a landscape while breaking up greenery. Versatile options are available to change the colors depending on the season. Customized plans are drawn up for each individual commercial property based on their wants and needs.


Fun fact: did you know that mulch helps hold moisture to keep your plants hydrated and protect plants roots. Installed mulch jobs need to be revitalized each year for proper nutrients and maximize appearance. Let us do the dirty work for you. At Turf Tech we will come out and replace your old dull mulch with bright, shiny, and new material.

Bush trimming

When it comes to bushes, shrubs, and hedges Turf Tech has the knowledge and know how to create a sharp line or round edge for each unique trimming need. Different shrubs and bushes have unique trimming schedules and trimming requirements. We will come out and take a look and go over an individualized plan to keep your bushes in line all year-round.

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