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Commercial Mowing


TURFTECH Commercial Mowing Services

Commercial maintenance is vital to strengthen the curb appeal of your business. Whether you own the business or you’re a property manager looking for the right choice in lawn care. The right steps to making your location look presentable make all the difference, in higher rental rates or generating foot traffic. The first few steps in generating this result are consistent visits, collecting unwanted debris and knowing the company’s preferences.

How we treat mowing differently?

TURFTECH‘s process begins with preferences. Our crew leaders have a very structured approach to performing excellence each time we visit your property.

At the beginning of our sales process, we ask for those specific preferences. Whether it’s a delicate sign in front of your business to be careful around? Peak hours of your business? Or to blow off the back entrance? The preferences make all the difference between a high quality and average landscape visit.

On each of our route sheets, conveniently located on our crew leads mobile devices. Your preferences need to be checked off at the start of each visit. Each time they are reminded of the steps that need to be taken to present a beautiful pristine cut to your lawn. At the end of each visit, they complete the job which then sends data to our office about the time of the visit, duration and the team that completed the visit. The crew leads also have the ability to add notes about the visit. These can be a request from the customer or something for the next crew to look out for.

commercial mowing

Dylan and Grant frequently visit the properties for quality control and to ensure that those preferences are being completed properly. On top of your preferences, we have strict company guidelines. From the height of the mower cut, stripe patterns, angle of the trimmer, to the inches we cut off the edge of the sidewalks. Every detail matters to us, even curating the right program and guidelines for each property. We use the proper techniques, the highest quality equipment and prompt customer service to award you with a high quality finished product.

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