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About TurfTech, LLC.


Turf Tech – History

Welcome to Turf Tech Innovative Lawn and Landscape, your approaching a company that is very much a young seedling today, growing extensively day by day, the future is extremely bright.

Opening on January 24th, 2019, we are ready to get rolling. Our company is a new merger of two local companies here in Louisville, Kentucky. Over the past two years, Grant Steier (myself) and Dylan Stapp have been passing referrals, advice and developing a friendship that now leads us to the merger we have today. I previously owned Tiger Stripes Lawn Care LLC over the past 7 years, located in the northeast end of the Jefferson County. Dylan Stapp previously owned Beautiful Lawns LLC, over the past 5 years located in the southwest end of Jefferson County. With a combined total experience of over 15 years, the two of us look forward to now working together at Turf Tech. A new plant has been seeded, the business and two customer bases will see significant advantages with the new company.

After a heavy weight bearing 2018, our companies needed some major changes for 2019. We began speaking about a potential merger in August 2018, after a labor market crash, many of our customers and the local economy started to feel the pain of businesses being significantly understaffed. Many local companies started to bite down on the remaining available workforce, offering additional incentives, raises in wages and additional benefits. The merger is a great way to combat the issues we had previously, increasing the total labor force our company has on hand. We will now have the ability to have additional staff on hand for secondary services full time, while they support our primary service staff reducing the risk of overworking team members and delaying schedules.

As I age, I look forward to enhancing my business’s impact on our city and the residents that reside here. Through community service, our team will provide a better life for others in need. Within the business, we are constantly searching and investing in new methods to reduce the carbon footprint we leave on our environment. Our goal is to reduce our footprint by half over the next ten years while recycling or reusing debris and products from our day to day operations.

Our company is significantly investing in equipment, emerging technology while studying new techniques throughout the season to enhance the productivity and efficiency of our staff. Many of these advancements are helping us to standardize the high-quality product and service outcome our customers desire. The motivation of our company is always to get better, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Walt Disney. I love this quote from Walt, our culture is to do keep moving forward, as methods and technology change we must change with it.

As we begin to pour the last bit of starter fertilizer on our seedling, a little bit of spring sunlight is all we need for wonderful growth throughout 2019. We are very enthusiastic about our new company and are looking forward to a culture change that is among us. I strongly encourage you to look through our newly developed website, we have information, on many of the services we provide. However, if you have a question or concern about signing up or using a current service, our office staff is always excited to help! I can’t wait to see some beautiful landscapes this year, yours is only a few steps away!

Grant Steier
Founder Director of Operations